Auto Ship Program Details

Save an "Additional" 10% off with PPN's
Auto Ship Program!
To make achieving your health and fitness goals easier and your shopping much more convenient, PPN now offers to ship your products to you automatically every month. Plus, we give you an additional 10% off of our everyday low prices for selecting this option. Just select any items from the Auto Ship page and click "Add to Cart" and you will automatically be entered into the Auto Ship Program on checkout.
Remember, it is our desire to help you get into the best shape of your life. Even though our products will help you get to your goals faster and easier than ever before, we know that it is rare to achieve your ideal body in one month's time. That's why we offer you the convenience of the Auto Ship program, to help you stay committed to your goal.
We want you to know that this is not a gimmick. We are not trying to get you into a monthly payment plan for a product that you do not want. Our goal is to help you achieve your ideal body with products that work!. This program is an excellent opportunity to save money for regular users of our products. If you wish to cancel you may do so at any time. Just call 866-277-4776 and cancel 30 days before your next shipment.
How does it work?
Simply select the item you want to purchase from the "Auto Ship" catagory and select 'add to cart". Your product will be shipped to you automatically when its time to refill. for example, if you purchased a 30 day supply, you product will be shipped in 30 days. If you purchased a 60 day supply, your product will be shipped in 60 days, etc.
How do I pay for the Auto Ship product?
You credit card will automatically be billed each time the product ships. If you pay by check or money order, we must receive your check or money order before we ship the product.
What if my credit card is declined?
If your credit card is declined you product will not ship. We will attempt to process the payment again in five days. If it is declined again we will call you or email you and ask that you provide another form of payment.
When will my credit card be billed?
Your payment will be processed at the time of shipping.
How long will I continue to receive Auto Ship product?
You will continue to receive your Auto Ship product until you notify us that you want to cancel your order.
How do I cancel the Auto Ship program?
To cancel the Auto Ship program, simply call 866-277-4776 and request to cancel your order. Please have your customer number or order number ready. Cancellations must be made thirty days prior to the next scheduled product shipping date.
If you want to cancel the Auto Ship option, you may do so at any time. Just simply call 866-277-4776 and request to cancel. Cancellations must be made thirty days prior to next scheduled product shipping date.